How To Make It In Australia

Exclusivity. Tight knit crowds. A small world. Things that have escaped the wider Earth. But this is how we made it in Australia. Everyone still knows everyone, somehow. 6 degrees of separation, don’t exist. More like 2 degrees. Oh what a spark for a creative hot bed. Somewhere where clout still holds some relevance. Where people can easily feed and grow from each other with a touch of personality. Where you can taste and feel the persona of the designer through the product. The idea of producing for the masses is foreign. Here we only have 20 mill, not everyone will buy. So let’s just make it for a few, and have it ooze with hot sex.

How to make it in America. Build it twice as fast and twice as cheap. Someone will come. Heck, we got 300 mill, just gimme 10% and we’ll cut an Aspen vacation home.