Is Surf Smarter than Snow?

Let us examine a medium. The hallowed medium of film. Perhaps this piece should refer to the artistry of the films. But for myself, art is a projection of intelligence. So whilst surfing films have begun to lean on a lo-fi medium, they have also had an artistic expression. They have thought and mood. They can be screened at the Silent Theatre in WeHo or the Chauval Paddington with ease.

Enter skiing and snowboarding. Part documentary, part documentary. More of a showcase of beautiful scenery and a sense of filmed adventure. Beautiful, yes. Inspiring, of course (but just to get on the mountain). Thought provoking, probably not. Sure there’s usually the sub-plot of conversation. But these flicks are more suited to the IMAX than SoHo.

Let us examine a couple of clips.

SURF’s entry – Strange Rumbling in Shangri-La

SNOW’s entry – Days of my Youth